Tired of Clutch Pedal Fade?

Adam Wilhite brought his ‘Corvette Killer’ into PI for some customization.

Corvette Killer

This car has an aluminum LS-1 engine swap and lots of other goodies for the track.  PI is fabricating a bracket that will allow for replacing the BMW clutch master cylinder with the Wilwood aftermarket one shown in the next photo.

Kit for both E36 and E46 models

The BMW system tends to fade and lose pressure.  If you have experienced this problem we are looking into making this a kit for both E36 and E46 models.

Here is the PI solution for the high fail BMW clutch master cylinder.

First of all Brad fabricated a bracket so that an aftermarket unit could be mounted under the dash.

Fabricated Bracket

In this instance we are using a Wilwood master cylinder to replace the BMW one.

Pedal Fade

Next we installed the assembly in Adam’s M3. Notice we were able to accommodate proper pedal travel and use the existing firewall openings for the hydraulic hoses. The final step is to install the fluid reservoir inside the engine compartment and attach the system to the slave. And of course, an extensive test drive!

aftermarket pedal box

This an ideal for solution for the driver who wants to eliminate the pressure fade of the BMW system but does not want to move to an aftermarket pedal box. The key benefits of the PI solution are:

  • The aftermarket system produces more hydraulic pressure for better shifts
  • The aftermarket master cylinder doesn’t have the pressure loss issues of the BMW one
  • The aftermarket system has its own hydraulics.  It is not connected to the brake system like the BMW one. The fluid stays cooler and if you lose one system you don’t lose both.

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